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I Have not been using this website as you may have seen. I will not be updating this website any longer. And this may be my final decision. Im sorry for all the supporters of BWC that we are shutting down but me and my mates arn't running the site any longer. I may be starting other websites with weebly and i will let you know if anything happens. I hope you will accept my message.
Thankyou Viewers! See you in the distant future!!

The Binweevils Crew. - Southy

LiverPool FC Hunt!

Even Though I Hate LiverPool! Heres The Locations Of The Footballs:
Peel Park,
Bings Grotto,
Shopping Mall (Outside),
Inks Orange Peel (Behind The Cotten Reel).

Plus, I Heard Something Of A Football Hidden In A Website. This Was Something To Do With Bw, But Not The Origional Site. Good Luck Though!


Whats New To The Bin?

Want To Earn Mulch, Fast! Well 'Bin Tycoon' Can Help! Just Register With BinTycoon, Pay The Bill, And Create Your Own Company On Bw! Plus, Checkout The New Layout Of The 'Map' Button. Click 'Map' And You'll See Some Little Pictures Of The Area. Good Luck!

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